Timeline for the State of Utah





24 Jul 1847 Mormon pioneers enter the Salt Lake Valley, led by Brigham Young.
31 Jul 1847 The First Bowery, predecessor to the Tabernacle, completed in Salt Lake City.
The pioneers depend upon the root of the Sego Lily to avoid starvation.
May-Jun 1848 The pioneers' crops are devoured by crickets.  The crops are saved by seagulls.
Jul 1849 State of Deseret formed.
1849 California Gold Rush begins.
1849 Indian War: "Incident at Battle Creek".
28 Feb 1850 University of Deseret formed (became the University of Utah on 17 Feb 1892.)
15 Jun 1850 Deseret News begins publication.
1850 Davis county formed from Great Salt Lake county.
21 Feb 1851 Upper floor of Council House began use as an Endowment House.
28 Mar 1851 State of Deseret dissolved.  Utah Territory formed, Fillmore is made the Territorial Capitol.
1851 Millard county formed from Juab county.
Apr 1852 Old Tabernacle completed in Salt Lake City, replacing the First Bowery.
08 Apr 1852 The Deseret Alphabet is introduced, and used until 1877.
Aug 1852 Practice of Plural Marriage made public.
1852 Great Salt Lake, Juab, Sanpete, Tooele, Utah, and Weber counties created as original counties.
1852 Iron and Washington counties formed from unorganized territory.
14 Feb 1853 Construction begins on the Salt Lake Temple.
1853-54 Indian War: "Walker War".
1854 Summit county formed from Great Salt Lake county.
05 May 1855 Endowment House completed.
Winter 1856 Willie and Martin handcart companies rescued from early snow storm.
1856 Beaver county formed from Iron and Millard counties.
1856 Box Elder and Cache counties formed from unorganized territory.
05 Aug 1857 Martial Law declared in Utah Territory on approach of Johnston's Army.  (Beginning of the "Utah War".)
Sep 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre occurs.
23 Mar 1858 Northern Utah communities ordered to move south on approach of Johnston's Army.  The foundations of the Salt Lake Temple were completely covered with earth.  (Known as the "Move South".)
26 Jun 1858 Johnston's Army moves through a deserted Salt Lake City, and begins building Camp Floyd.  (End of the "Utah War".)
03 Apr 1860 Pony Express begins.  (thru 1862)
12 Apr 1861 The Civil War begins.
Oct 1861 The Transcontinental Telegraph is completed.
1862 Fort Douglas established.
1862 Wasatch county formed from Summit county.
1862 Morgan county formed from Davis and Summit counties.
1863 Indian War: "Gosiute War" and "Battle of Bear River" (involved US Troops from Fort Douglas).
1864 Garfield county formed from Iron, Kane and Sevier counties.
1864 Kane county formed from Washington county and unorganized territory.
1864 Richland county formed.
Aft 1864 Richland county renamed to Rich county.
1864 Sevier county formed from Sanpete county.
09 Apr 1865 The Civil War ends.
1865-67 Indian War: "Black Hawk War".
1866 Piute county formed from Sevier county.
08 Dec 1867 Relief Society organized.
Oct 1868 Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution (ZCMI), a department store, is formed.
1868 Great Salt Lake county renamed to Salt Lake county.
10 May 1869 The Transcontinental Railroad is completed at Promontory Point, Utah.
1870 Utah women given the freedom to vote.
Oct 1875 Grand Tabernacle (the current building) dedicated in Salt Lake City, replacing the Old Tabernacle.
16 Oct 1875 Brigham Young Academy formed (became Brigham Young University on 23 Oct 1903.)
06 Apr 1877 Dedication of the St. George Temple.
29 Aug 1877 Death of Brigham Young.
1879 Supreme Court decision on "Reynolds v. United States" begins enforcement of anti-polygamy laws.
1880 Emery county formed from Sanpete and Sevier counties.
1880 San Juan county formed from Kane county.
1880 Uintah county formed from Wasatch county.
17 May 1884 Dedication of the Logan Temple.
1887 "Edmunds-Tucker Act" passed -- allowing for seizure of polygamists' property, including Church properties.
17 May 1888 Dedication of the Manti Temple.
Nov 1889 Endowment House demolished.
06 Oct 1890 The "Manifesto" presented to the public -- ending the practice of polygamy by the LDS Church.
1890 Grand county formed from Emery and Uintah counties.
17 Feb 1892 University of Deseret renamed the University of Utah.
1892 Wayne county formed from Piute county.
06 Apr 1893 Dedication of the Salt Lake Temple.
1894 Carbon county formed from Emery county.
04 Jan 1896 Utah gains statehood, with Salt Lake City as its Capitol. It is the forty-fifth state to enter the Union.
23 Oct 1903 Brigham Young Academy renamed Brigham Young University.
1913 Duchesne county formed from Wasatch county.
1917 Daggett county formed from Uintah county.
28 Jun 1914 World War I begins.
11 Nov 1918 World War I ends.
07 Dec 1941 U.S. involvement in World War II begins.
Sep 1942 Topaz, a Japanese internment camp, established in Utah.
14 Aug 1945 World War II ends.
Oct/Nov 1945 Topaz abandoned.
25 Jun 1950 Korean War begins.
27 Jul 1953 Korean War armistice signed.
1961 U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War begins.
1973 U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War ends.
18 Jan 1972 Dedication of the Ogden Temple.
09 Feb 1972 Dedication of the Provo Temple.
08 Jun 1978 Official Declaration 2 announced -- giving the priesthood to all worthy male members of the LDS Church.
16 Nov 1981 Dedication of the Jordan River Temple.
08 Jan 1995 Dedication of the Bountiful Temple.
16 Jun 1995 Salt Lake City chosen as host of the 2002 Winter Olympics.
13 Oct 1996 Dedication of the Mount Timpanogos Temple.
02 Nov 1997 Dedication of the Vernal Temple.
26 Jul 1998 Dedication of the Monticello Temple.
08 thru 22 Feb 2002 Salt Lake City to host the 2002 Winter Olympics.

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