Presidio County Texas
Pictures From The Past

Presidio County Pictures from the Past

This will be an ongoing project. If anyone has any pictures of the type seen here and would like to share them, scan them at at least 150 dpi and send to me with all information, Names, dates, location, photographer if known etc, so I can give proper credit. My Email address is at the bottom of this page.

Unless otherwise noted the pictures on this page were taken by Mr W. D. Smithers between 1914 and 1944. If you would like to see the complete collection you should buy his book "Chronicles of the Big Bend" published by Madrona Press,Inc Austin, Texas. The entire collection of Mr Smithers is now owned by the University of Texas at Austin.

Wagon Train going down the Candelaria Rim Camp Marfa, Presidio County, Texas about 1916.
Tractor Train in Pinto Canyon, Presidio County, Texas about 1918. Troop B, Texas Rangers, Marfa, Presidio County about 1916.
Candelaria, Presidio County, TX 1919. Troop B, 3d Cavalry in Ft Davis 1874
Map of Fort Davis drawn in 1856. The Law in the southern Big Bend country circa 1919.

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