The below link is to a PDF document.  Once the pdf is opened you
 should be able to search for a  name by   holding 'CTRL' button and
 at the same time hit  'F'.   That will display a dialog box to allow you to
 enter search criteria.

 Also,  the far left hand corner  of each line  contains the PDF  icon and
 by hitting it,  that should open a  pdf document of the actual marriage
 document.   If you wish to download a copy of that image to your
 own computer,  when you are viewing the  pdf image somewhere on that
 screen should either be an icon or a toolbar that allow you to  'download'
 to your computer.

 If you are not able to do this, contact the county coordinator  and I
 will get a copy and email it to you.
 Marriage records 1826 - 1929  from Hawaii State Archives

 The below links are the same information but from a different site
  in a slightly different format  that might be easier to read.
 Actual document images are available here also.
 Kauai marriages 1826 - 1910
 Kauai marriages 1910 - 1929
 Ni'ihau marriages 1849 - 1856

 The below link is Divorces from Hawaii State Archives for Kauai
 Divorces Hawaii Fifth Circuit

 Marriages 1850 - Present at familysearch

Marriages at Kauai GenWeb Archives
 Bia, Melicia - Jardin, Maximo 1934
 Camara, Adeline - Gomez, Joe Calistrio February 3, 1934
 Ching, Bernice Choy Hu - Chong, Hee Tai 1934
 Chow, Ung Chai - Kee, Tang 1934
 Cortezan, Josephine Abaya - Davauchelle, Raymond Pihaleo February 20, 1954
 Fujinaka, Kinue - Masaki, Taisuke 1934
 Iijima, Yasuko - Matsuo, Kurakichi 1934
 Jottmann, Anna - Kiesel, Herbert H. June 8, 1935
 Kamekona, Ruth Kahalikai - Kaneakua, John Kaipo 1934
 Kunioka, K. - Nishihara, M. August 1, 1931
 Lee, Lida - Emanez, Francisco Lope 1934
 Motta, Sophie - Ignacio, Manuel November 11, 1933
 Silva, Adeline - Contrades, John Pupuka 1934
 Soares, Shendrina - Ebinger, Clarence 1934
 Zenzoky, Mary - Ranson, Adam February 3, 1934