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A Great Place To Host Your USGENWEB Site.

This will be a safe space to place your USGenWeb Project site if you are seeking hosting for your state, county, or special project. Your site must be ONLY associated with USGenWeb, without logos to other non USGenWeb sites, in order to reside here or it will be removed. There is no cost to hosting your site here and it is being donated by me out of my love for The USGenWeb Project.

If you need hosting for your html site (not content management sites, such as WordPress at this time), please contact me at my email address and include in the subject line the following:

Your USGenWeb State and County site: I would like to place my site on

Having worked with The USGenWeb Project several years, I have come to love this project and want it to persevere for another 20+ years. Serving as the National Coordinator since 2014 and attending two national conferences, maintaining a booth at the NGS Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Raleigh, North Carolina conferences, has shown me that we are well loved for what we have provided to the genealogical community. I want this entire Project to prosper and I hate when you as volunteers are not able to work with your sites when you want.

This hosting is being provided through Blue Host free of charge to you and will be maintained by myself and the current National Webmaster for The USGenWeb Project, Marsha Bryant. Let me know what you need.

Once you are approved, we will provide you with all required login information needed for your USGenWeb Project site.

Thank you and welcome to Free Genealogy!

Denise Wells
USGenWeb National Coordinator 2014-2019

Not required but appreciated

Sites Hosted By USGenWebSites

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Q Can I have any of my webs on the server?

A You can only have USGenWeb States, Counties and Projects on this server.

Q Can I use FrontPage Extensions on this server?

A No, this server does not have FrontPage extensions installed. You can ftp your FrontPage files with Filezilla or other ftp program without any issues though.

Q Can I use my State/County domain name on this server?

A Yes, just contact me for the DNS information.

Q Can I use WordPress?

A No. We are not installing any content management systems at this time. We may at a later date.


This hosting is not offered by, nor affiliated with The USGenWeb Project. It is donated for the use of those who have lost web hosting through no fault of their own and to assist USGenWeb volunteers in getting their sites back online.

Email Denise

Don't forget to add your state and county to the subject line.

Additional hosting for Genealogical Societies, Museums, other projects and entities will be available soon on a separate site. Keep tuned!